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Doll Repair Training

Subjects Covered in Basic Doll Repair

Day 1. Composition doll repair.

How to clean composition, secure raised chips and remove old paint.

(Students must bring a composition doll needing major repairs)


Day 2. Basic airbrush training.

Painting your composition doll.


Day 3. Building, repairing and setting eyes of all types.


Day 4. Tips and tricks of doll repair. Wig cleaning and repair. How to start a doll hospital.


Class Details

Class size is limited to 3 people

Cost of classes $800.00

Materials needed: Composition doll

Classes start at 9:30 am

Lunch 12:30pm to 1:30pm

Classes over at 4:00 pm

Call Dr. Toni at 714-785-6998 to schedule your training or send an email.

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