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Custom Reproduction Doll Furniture 

Below is our reproduction G-L furniture as pictured in Samy Odin's Bleuette book and on the back cover.  This furniture is handcrafted from solid quarter sawn white oak just like the original furniture.


You can purchase the entire set for $175 at my Etsy Store .

 Upsized GL GL Furniture 2 
bleuettebook2 bleuettebook1


Below is the Fairytale themed bedroom set, faithfully crafted from patterns published in La Semaine de Suzette in the 1930s. All pieces are made from Baltic birch plywood and finished in a gloss white finish, although, you can request different colors. All pieces have been fancifully decorated with hand colored decals featuring the storybook artwork printed with the original patterns. Custom decals can be made to put a name on one of the pieces for an additional charge.


The patterns are as follows with the prices for each piece:

Bedside table -#41 -September 13, 1934

Vanity -#44 -October 4, 1934

Chair- #51 -November 22, 1934

Bed- #31 -July 1, 1937


Since LSDS never published patterns for a closet or vanity stool, we have created the pieces to complement the set.

The entire set can be purchased for $200 at my Etsy Store

lsds1 lsds2
lsds4 lsds5
Note that you can mix the pieces to meet your needs. The stool can be used as a table, the chair can be used with the vanity.
lsds7 lsds9
We can also personalize your vanity, closet or bed with whatever name you might want to put on the pieces for an additional $5/pc.
lsds12 lsds11